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The Sunny-Side Up


Often, had we been able to see past cloudy emotions and a conflagration of anger- may it be within ourselves or others, enlightenment could have been resting calmly on our doorsteps, like a package waiting to be discovered. Such patience and ability to contain or disperse exquisite feelings, I’m certain you know, would help a person refrain from getting entangled in a mesh of troubles that could arise following an internal erruption.

Besides, as all unravels, the meaning or reason behind every course of events, or even actions reveals itself before us in enhanced clarity. A betrayal by a trusted friend serves as a caution in future, while a closed up scar on the flesh becomes a constant reminder to watch our steps.

There are many- numerous people who resort to self-pity, finger-pointing or simply the comfort of a pitch-black abyss before it dawns upon them. Yet at times, history- personal or stories belonging to others, or advices from matured, experienced individuals signal to us, informing us that we can choose to cower in a dark corner for an eternity or turn around to confront ourselves- not others. With the amount of time we spend with our respective selves, it is far easier to find the key within our attitudes, personalities, attributes and/or other possible aspects than dissecting others in order to search for a certain blemished spot to blame.


At an age so young, I do admit that I’m still in need of improvement and enlightenment. Notwithstanding this, I hope you agree it is never too early or too late to discover and make progress. Youthful creatures possess the energy and enthusiasm to do what it takes to live life to the fullest, whilst our elders have the right to make the best out of their remaining years- whether recognized by the majority or not.

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