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Deja Vu?


Stepping into places filled with memories, staring into a past with nonchalance. Simultaneously, your mind identifies changes that have occurred while recognition registers in your mind upon encountering familiarity.

Deja vu? Ha ha.

Several months have gone by since I went back to my home- situated in a very tranquil area. The eventual return to the students’ apartments, my part of the room and the coming and going of vehicles on the street. They were already anticipated, since from the college, Monash is just across the street. Coming back, I’m not daunted by the contents held by my future, although I do wish peace for myself. Yet, one cannot deny the slight thrill she feels upon being able to remember the location of Watson’s and the coordinates of where an item sits in a supermarket.


Sunway Lagoon, a waterpark always filled with energetic youngsters and tourists.


It did rain.


Bedsheets needed washing.


Another chapter begins.


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